Saturday, June 11, 2005

Welcome to Kingfish, may we take your order?

It's Jarred's first day on the job at Kingfish - a fast food stand selling deep fried seafood. While he learns his way around the grills and fryers, he also learns that God loves him and has a wonderful plan for his life. He may be a fry cook now, but God promises in Romans 8:28 that "all things work together for the good of those who love Him". Let's see what it takes to turn this loud, rude, 'wanna-be pop-star' into a plain old fry cook that does everything at his best for God...

We use puppets, singing, dancing, and outrageous stories to share God's love with children, in a fresh, fun way that brings them loads of laughter. We want them to believe, like Jarred, that God has an awesome plan and a purpose for each our lives (Jer 29:11&12), that He wants to bless his children, not hurt us, and that it all starts with knowing our loving, caring, 'Father in Heaven'.


"Thanks", from the whole Kingfish crew.

L-R: Jon, Erin, Caleb, Sarah, Hailie, Cindy, Chantze,
and Ray. Working the grill: Jarred and Keisha.

The crew in action

KingFish theme song

Welcome to KingFish my friend
Welcome to KingFish my friend
We’ll – serve up the truth on some bread
You’ll – never be hungry again
Although – actual meals are pretend
But it’s – hot and spicy, sweet and tasty, zesty saucy, creamy smooth
Guaranteed the finest food the world has ever known
And – we’ve got it here in a bowl
We’ll – serve it for here or to go

So if you find yourself hurting, deep down inside
A hole in the pit of your stomach, gaping and wide
Your hunger can’t be filled, God knows you’ve tried…
Take a bite of the truth now, you’ll be satisfied
And – never be hungry again
Welcome to KingFish my friend

Kingfish is a ministry of Muskegon Vineyard

Click on the following link to visit Muskegon Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Want to know how to find the Vineyard?

1428 Terrace St. Muskegon, MI. We are located 5 blocks north of Laketon Ave on Terrace, at the Corner of Irwin Ave. If you’re coming from Apple Ave, it’s easier to go south on Wood to Irwin. Turn right on Irwin and go 2 blocks to Terrace.
Service starts at 10:00 AM